domiciliary care in peterborough

This list is not exhaustive, but is just some of the tasks we often help people with.

  • Cleaning Services
  • Food Preparation Serving
  • High Dependency Care

  • Medication Assistance
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Physical Disability

  • Sensory Impairment Assistance
  • Shopping Services/Errand and Sit-In Services
  • 24 Hour Live-in Carer for over 18's




Care at home in Peterborough. Domiciliary care for seniors/elderly people.

Elderly Care/Senior Care

The vast majority of older people would prefer to live in their own home, even in the case where they need support and assistance. Moving into a care home does not have to be the answer, and good quality care will allow you or your loved one to continue living an independent life – in your home. Our care can encompass a number of services, and could be something as simple as checking you've taken your medication, to providing substantial support with eating or personal care.

Our domiciliary care does not just consist of services. Older people frequently report feelings of loneliness and our carers can provide the companionship to ensure the well-being of you or your loved one. Please get in touch if you need elderly home care in Peterorough and Hillingdon , to see how we can help.



Care at home in Peterborough. Domiciliary palliative care.


Palliative Care

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with a serious or terminal condition, hospital and care homes are not the only options. We can provide palliative care in your home that will give you the support and comfort that you or your loved one deserve in the final stages of life. This period is often painful and traumatic but we will provide all the support that we can to make it bearable for you and your family.



Care at home in Peterborough. Domiciliary care for dementia patients.


Care for Dementia Patients

The onset of dementia does not have to stop you or your loved one from living a healthy and fulfilling life in your home. Our dementia specialists have the training and skills to help you or your loved one maintain the quality of life you are accustomed to. Dementia can pose a number of challenges but our carers will maintain routines and stimulate memory with games, music and photographs. Furthermore, the same carer will provide ongoing care, so that a trusted relationship will form, and this will give you or your loved one real stability and reassurance.



Care at home in Peterborough. Domiciliary care. Learning disability patient.


Learning Disability Care

If you or a loved one have a learning disability, you may need a little extra support to help you live the life you want. Our trained carers are experts in helping those with learning disabilities from general support to individual tasks. There is an array of learning disabilities but we will work with all parties to create an individual programme that will ensure the person with the learning disability has the best quality of life. If you would like learning disability home care in Peterborough, we are here to help.



Care at home in Peterborough. Domiciliary care. Live in carer.


Live in Carer

If you or your loved one would like total reassurance then we can also provide live in care at Dandais. A live in carer will be able to attend to you or your loved throughout the day and night and provide total peace of mind. You can be sure that throughout our care, we will always be diligent, friendly and compassionate. The live-in care we provide is for over 18s.




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